The high-end magazine Resident was on board the Galapagos Legend on July, for a photo shoot with two trending models: Oliver Trevena and Mariana Downing.  Hillary Latos, Resident’s editor in chief, was part of the organization and gave us the opportunity to work with them in this fun and trendy project.

Oliver Trevena, the British Global Brand Ambassador of All Saints, traveled to the beautiful Genovesa Island at the north of the Galapagos.  This “Jewel of the Crown” is now part of our fascinating itinerary A North which also covers the best places in the central islands.  The friendliness of the animals gave him a warm welcome to the archipelago.

He was amazed by the variety of unique wildlife and gave him the chance to observe colonies of the red-footed boobies nesting on “Bird Island.”

Supermodel Mariana Downing experienced the versatility of the islands.  In our Itinerary B West covering the west side of the islands, she modeled in the stunning volcanic landscapes where sand colors were the perfect accessories.   Bright red colors and black sandy beaches were the main stages for the photo shoot.  Moreover, she meet with the most iconic creature of the islands and enjoyed a close encounter with the world known Galapagos Giant Tortoise which posed next to her for the perfect photo.

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Oliver Trevena Galapagos Legend Photoshoot

Mariana Downing Galapagos Legend photoshootOliver Trevena Galapagos Legend Resident Magazine

Mariana Downing Galapagos PhotoshootMariana Downing on board the Galapagos Legend

Oliver Trevena photoshoot GalapagosOliver Trevena onboard the Galapagos Legend