Our on board activities on the M/V Galapagos Legend or M/Y  Coral Yachts  are loaded with excitement, every day and every night.  They are filled with novelty, fun, and entertainment for all ages. Our crew will be happy to be the host to various activities offered, that will allow you to re-discover yourself in the karaoke night, join the special party with the Galapagos animals, loose yourself in the vast horizons in the stars of the sky,  cool off with a variety of ice creams to your liking and test your taste buds in a delicious al fresco BBQ.   Come join us in the excitement …!!!




Celebrate going through the Equator Line with mystery and a
ceremony that makes you part of the Galapagos.  Enjoy a
friendly performance organized by the crew along with the guests.
Role play with the Neptune King, himself, a character that comes
out of the sea and establishes new rules in his realm.
Be part of a royal coup and help Neptune restore order in the
evolution of the animal kingdom.  Are you intrigued enough?
Well then, come join us!



We are here to spoil you!  Be pleasantly surprised by our crew when
you will be received with our famous ice cream festival.  This is the
perfect snack to enjoy after an excursion and in the warm Galapagos’
weather.  Our ice cream selection will be top rated, exciting flavors
for our guests that will delight your senses.  Make it as colorful as you
want and be creative with the unlimited toppings.



An opportunity to make friends with all on board, crew and
guest come and feast on our al fresco BBQ dinner.  Enjoy a
selection of high quality meat, sea food, and a wide vegetarian
selection as well.  Be embrace by the charm of the Enchanted Islands
while sailing to your next adventure.  This is a great opportunity to
have the best of both worlds!



Unleash your singing talents and become a superstar for the night!
Amaze your friends and family of your hidden talents,  join the crew
in a singing contest or sing along with your newly made friends.
Or just enjoy the show while smoothly sailing through the Galapagos
waters and enjoy the show while cheering for your favorite “artist”!
The fun awaits for you on board ….



Be amazed by the stunning details shown by the stars in the
Enchanted Islands, with our state of the art beams you will
be able to get to know more about constellations than ever before.
Let the naturalist experts, guide you through the dark night,
with cultural folkloric tales narrated by the stars themselves.
Learn about old navigation techniques by looking at the stars
and using them as a natural compass.