(Mon – Thu) – 4 days / 3 nights

Our Galapagos itineraries offer unforgettable experiences, with our weekly departures allowing you to experience 3-, 4-, 7-, and up to 14 –nights tours including: full board, two daily guided excursions with optional activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, dinghy rides and our new feature daily diving tours for license-holding divers.


First day on board you are already wonder how the week is going to be in your adventure through the islands.



AM – Baltra Airport

Departure from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra (2½-hour hour flight). In Baltra, passengers are picked up at the airport by our naturalist guides and taken on a ten-minute bus drive to the pier to board the M/V Galapagos Legend.

PM – Bartolome

Dry or wet landing. Considered the most iconic landscape of the entire archipelago the view from the top of Bartolome Island, overlooking the famous Pinnacle Rock and the austere Santiago Island beyond, is well worth the climb up the wooden boardwalk. This volcanic scene has often been likened to a lunar landscape. Our subsequent snorkel here might put us face to face with Galapagos penguins, white-tipped reef sharks and playful sea lions.

  • Difficulty level: moderate
  • Type of terrain: trail made of 372 steps.
  • Duration: 1 ½-hour walk / 1-hour snorkeling



AM –  South Plaza Islet

Dry landing.  Sea lions, swallow-tailed gulls and land iguanas are all present at the landing site. The small island is covered with a carpet of a red succulent studded with Opuntia cacti. At the cliff edge, we spend time watching birds fly past at eye level in the up draught. These include, frigatebirds, flocks of Galapagos shearwaters and of particular note, flights of displaying red-billed tropicbirds. Back at sea level, we once again encounter land iguanas, some of which have hybridized with their resident marine cousins.

  • Difficulty level: moderate
  • Type of terrain: rocky
  • Duration: 2-hour walk

PM –North Seymour Island

Dry landing.   This flat, uplifted, island is an important spot to see both magnificent and great frigatebird males courting the females by clicking, bill-clapping, shuddering and flapping their wings, all while showing off their grossly inflated, bright red, gular pouch. We will also likely see courting blue-footed boobies displaying their unique feet while ‘dancing’ to a prospective mate. Sea lions, swallow-tailed gulls, crashing surf and distant views of the Daphne Islands top off a great visit.

  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Type of terrain: rocky
  • Duration: 2-hour walk, 30 minutes snorkeling



AM – Pitt Point &  Islet (San Cristobal Island)

Wet landing.  Sea lions will greet us as we land on the beach and prepare for our climb to a high point on the steep eroded tuff cone. This is the only place in the islands where we will enjoy the chance to see all three of the booby species in the same place. The red-foots will be perched on the Cordia lutea and small trees, the Nazca’s on the ground near the cliff edge while the blue-foots will be a little further inland. Frigatebirds will be all around and the views are breathtaking.

  • Difficulty level:demanding
  • Type of terrain: rocky
  • Duration: 2½-hour walk/ 40-minute snorkeling or kayaking

PM – Cerro Brujo (San Cristobal Island)

Wet landing. From our pangas, as we head to shore, we are first humbled by the immensity of the stunning cliffs of “Sorcerer’s Hill.” We can enjoy simply sharing the beach with sea lions, snorkeling from shore or take a walk to a hidden lagoon where we might spot black-necked stilts, ruddy turnstones, whimbrels and white-cheeked pintails.

  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Type of terrain: sandy
  • Duration: 1-hour walk / 1-hour snorkeling



AM – Cerro Colorado Tortoise Reserve (San Cristobal Island)

Dry landing.  In the moist highlands of San Cristobal we will visit the giant tortoise breeding center ìLa Galapagueraî to witness the most iconic creature of the archipelago in its various life stages. The tortoises wander in a semi-natural habitat which lends itself to good photographic opportunities. The aim of the reserve is to help restore populations of the threatened San Cristobal tortoise back into the wild. In town, there are shops to purchase local handicrafts and souvenirs.

  • Difficulty level: moderate
  • Type of Terrain: sandy
  • Duration: 40-minute bus drive to the Reserve / 1-hour visit


San Cristobal Airport

After the visit you will go to San Cristobal Airport for their return flight to Guayaquil or Quito.

C   EAST 4 days / 3 nights
Monday - Thursday

Flight to Baltra / from San Cristobal: AV1632, departing Quito 6:50 / Guayaquil 8:25, arriving Galapagos 9:20.

Return flight: AV1631, departing Galapagos 13:20, arriving Guayaquil 16:10 / Quito 17:45.

MON AM Baltra airport Baltra Meet and greet, bus transfer to the port, check-in on board - - - Seymour & Mosquera - advanced
- medium
PM Bartolome Bartolome Landscape, Pinnacle Rock, penguins, blue-footed boobies. 372 steps moderate
  • trekking
  • dinghy ride
  • snorkeling
- -
TUE AM South
Plazas Large colony of sea lions, unique landscape of a cactus forest, land and marine iguanas, Nazca andblue-footed boobies, swallowtailed gulls. rocky moderate
  • trekking
- -
PM North Seymour North Seymour Unique place for two types of frigate: magnificent and great; swallow-tailed gull, nesting colony of blue-footed boobies. rocky & beach demanding
  • trekking
  • dinghy ride
  • snorkeling
- -
WED AM Pitt Point San Cristobal Magnificent viewpoints, sea lion colony, 3 booby species and 2 of frigatebirds. rocky demanding
  • trekking
  • dinghy ride
  • snorkeling
  • kayak
- -
Pitt Islet San Cristobal Marine Wildlife. water easy
  • snorkeling
PM Cerro Brujo San Cristobal Eroding tuff cone, beautiful white sand beach, impressive landscape, sea lions, Ruddy turnstones, lava gulls. sandy easy
  • trekking
  • dinghy ride
  • snorkeling
  • kayak
- -
THU AM Cerro Colorado San Cristobal Giant tortoises in semi-captivity, beautiful landscape on the way to the Reserve La Galapaguera, miconia plants zone. wooden path easy
  • trekking
San Cristobal medium
San Cristobal airport San Cristobal Check-out, transfer to airport.
7-night guests free time in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.
- - -