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Fragility and Conservation

It has been stated, both in theory and in the field, that fragile natural areas will not last, unless their local populations and foreign actors become deeply involved in the much-needed conservation efforts, sacrificing, if necessary, their personal interests and historical rights; along with being direct recipients of the revenues from such managed natural resources.

The Objectives of the Protected Area:

  • Protect the ecosystems and their biodiversity in order to guarantee their existence and continual evolutionary and ecological processes
  • Promote scientific research, specially the one involved on management and problem solving
  • Promote sustainable social and economic development
  • Promote educational tourism, avoiding extractive activities over the natural resources
  • Involve the inhabitants and visitors in conservation meanings

Conservation problems:

  • Introduction of invasive alien species and diseases
  • Growing human population
  • Overuse of limited natural resources
  • The effects of global climate change
  • Pollution