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Galapagos Cruise Ship

Galapagos Legend - Luxury Cruise Ship

The Galapagos Legend, with capacity for 100 guests, was extensively refitted in 2017 to better enhance your Galapagos experience. As well as being the fastest cruise ship operating in the islands, she remains the only vessel with an onboard pool. Fast, sleek and beautifully appointed, she retains a cozy, homely and intimate atmosphere. Her classic, yet contemporary interiors perfectly balance the huge open deck space.

Galapagos Legend

Galapagos Legend

Boutique Expedition Cruise Ship

Galapagos Legend Cabins 2020

The M/V Galapagos Legend has 52 ocean view, air-conditioned cabins plus 3 interior ones, each cabin counts with lower beds and private facilities in which a matrimonial, double, triple or quadruple options are available. We have suited a new cabin configuration to assure enjoyment for families and friends traveling together. Each cabin includes: hair dryer, special bedding, and updated furniture. Internal, local and international satellite telephone service is offered, Internet is accessible when anchoring in main islands. Voltage is set for 110-220 volts/60 Hz.

The Balcony suites have private balconies and panoramic windows to immerse yourself within the vast landscape that you are about to witness and enjoy it privately. The Junior suites have three meters of panoramic windows to enjoy the scenery.

Legend Balcony Suite

Legend Balcony Suite

We have upsized and renamed our biggest and most comfortable cabin; our new Legend Balcony Suite will feature plenty of space to move around freely; including a generously large balcony, perfect for sophisticated & distinguished clientele.

  • 1 cabin located on the Moon Deck.
  • Double & Triple options.
  • Panoramic windows & private balcony.
  • Exclusive & exquisite decoration.
  • Complimentary champagne bottle.
  • Top of the line amenities & bathrobe.
  • Thermos & iconic postcards as souvenirs.
  • Average Area 33 m2 / 355 ft2.
Balcony Suite

Balcony Suite Plus & Balcony Suite

One of the most striking aspects of our ship: 17 top of the line Balcony Suites located in the Sky Deck and the Moon Deck, measuring an average of 22 m2 (237 ft2). Including a significant redesign and general upgrades to more than satisfy customer´s expectations.

  • 9 Balcony Suites on the Moon Deck.
  • 8 Balcony Suites on the Sky Deck.
  • Double & Triple options.
  • Panoramic windows & private balcony.
  • Complimentary champagne bottle.
  • Top of the line amenities & bathrobe.
  • Thermos & iconic postcards as souvenirs.
  • Average Area 22 m2 / 237 ft2.
Junior Suite

Junior Suite Plus & Junior Suite

Featuring big panoramic windows to admire the landscape, offering a wide variety of arrangements in Double & Triple and interconnected configurations, enjoy the perks of having the family together in private quarters with even more space for your comfort.

  • 24 Junior & 4 Junior Plus Suites on the Earth Deck.
  • Double, Triple & Quadruple options.
  • 2 Panoramic windows per cabin.
  • Interconnected options available.
  • Thermos & iconic postcards as souvenirs.
  • Average Area 15 m2 / 161 ft2 in Junior Suites.
  • Average Area 20m2 / 215 ft2 in Junior Suites Plus.
Standard Suite

Standard & Standard Plus Cabins

10 comfortable cabins, located on the Earth and Sea Decks.

Standard Plus
  • 7 cabins on the Sea & Earth Deck.
  • Double options available.
  • 2 portholes per cabin.
  • Thermos & iconic postcards as
  • Average Area: 11 m2 / 118 ft2.
  • 3 cabins on the Earth Deck.
  • Single & Double options.
  • Interior accommodations.
  • Thermos & iconic postcards as souvenirs.
  • Average Area: 13 m2 / 140 ft2.

Galapagos Legend Deck Plan

Sea Deck

Sea Deck

Deck Cabins

  • Standard Plus

Here you can find

  • Lonesome George Restaurant.
  • Embarkation area.
  • Medical station.
  • Snorkeling equipment room.
  • Auditorium.
Galapagos Legend Sea Deck Plan

Earth Deck

Earth Deck

Deck Cabins

  • Junior Suite Plus
  • Junior Suite
  • Standard Plus
  • Standar Interior

Here you can find

  • Kid's corner.
  • Library.
  • Boutique.
  • Front Desk.
  • Science corner.
  • Fitness center.
  • Jacuzzi.
Galapagos Legend Earth Deck Plan

Sky Deck

Sky Deck

Deck Cabins

  • Balcony Suite Plus
  • Balcony Suite

Here you can find

  • Dolphin Observation Deck.
  • 24-hour coffee & tea station.
  • Charles Darwin Panorama Lounge bar.
  • Naturalist Guide center.
  • Fisherman's bar.
  • Swimming pool & Sun terrace.
Galapagos Legend Sky Deck Plan

Moon Deck

Moon Deck

Deck Cabins

  • Legend Balcony suite
  • Balcony Suite Plus
  • Balcony Suite

Here you can find

  • Stargazing area.
  • Al Fresco restaurant.
  • Lifeboat Dinning.
Galapagos Legend Moon Deck Plan

Galapagos Legend

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Galapagos Legend Itineraries

Legend A North Central Itinerary

Animals likely to be seen in this itinerary

Legend B West Itinerary

Animals likely to be seen in this itinerary


  • 4 Days
  • 3 Nights
  • Monday
  • Thursday
Legend C East Itinerary

Animals likely to be seen in this itinerary

Legend D South Itinerary

Animals likely to be seen in this itinerary

Departures dates
2020 and 2021

Check Availability

  • A and B Departure Dates
  • C and D Departure Dates
  • Sold out.

Galapagos Legend Extended Cruises

If you would like to extend your time in the Galapagos Islands, feel free to combine as many itineraries as you wish to suit your curiosity: 3, 4, 7, 10 and up to 14 nights are available.

See our Extended Cruises

Galapagos Legend Activities

Main Activities:

  • Neptune Party
  • Karaoke or Salsa night
  • Photo Contest
  • Table Games
  • Dinghy Rides
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Beach time
  • Diving
Go Galapagos snorkeling

The perfects vacations start just by the time you arrive on board the Galapagos Legend, exquisitely designed, the staff will be ready to receive all our guests with a refreshing cocktail. Then, there will be time to settle and accommodate all our guest in the 100-guest cruise vessel.

Once all visitors are ready, the first visit beginnings with the great chance to see all the untouched nature the islands have to offer. Guests will offload on board a dinghy (a small zodiac like-vessel) for a short ride to the landing site. After a walk through the marked paths along with the naturalist expert presentations, there is time for visitors to choose among entertaining activities such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking or to enhance even more the experience, there is always the opportunity to go off to wonderful sites to scuba dive.

Go Galapagos Glasss Bottom Boat Go Galapagos Kayaking

Our guides are very knowledgeable about the history and the natural facts of the islands, so they will be happy to help to clarify any questions. Most of them are bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. However, we can get guides in other languages under previous request. They will join passengers on the inland activities and show them the best places to see the fauna from up close whether you choose to glide on a kayak, swim by the shore or snorkel your way through the Pacific waters, they will make the best out of your Galapagos Experience.

Go Galapagos hiking

Once back on board, our staff will again welcome you with a small snack and a soft drink. Guests will have enough time to change and have fun by playing classic table games or enjoying more sun by the pool, jacuzzi or fitness areas. Lunches are served in the Lonesome George Restaurant, which will have a buffet variety of meats, salads, and desserts. As a special treat, there will be a surprise BBQ by the Moon deck with selections great meats and vegetables amid the warm sunset of the islands or an ice cream festival. Still, on the Moon Deck, an expert guide will have a stargazing presentation where stories about how previous seamen used constellations as navigation coordinates to get to every corner of the seas.

Go Galapagos Dinghy Rides

After dinner, we invite you to join in the optional activities we have on board. They range from karaoke or salsa night where one of our staff members will show our guests to dance this Latin rhythm. In the Charles Darwin Panorama Lounge, there will also be a movie night, or together staff and guests can organize the famous Neptune Party. A theatrical presentation where the king of the oceans comes on board to re-organize his realm and ends up in a fun party. There is also another celebration, depending on the itinerary, where staff and guests celebrate the crossing of the Equatorial Line and guests can get a certificate to commemorate the date.

Go Galapagos Scuba Diving

By the last days of the cruise, there will be a photo contest; you just need to nominate your best shoot with one of our staff members so you can get into the contest. There will be three finalists that will get freebies for the best pictures. To wish you a safe parting, there will also be a farewell cocktail with all people on board. If you choose to extend your trip, we will be happy to help you. Our itineraries have extensions of 3, 4, 6, 10 and 14 nights to discover all about the Galapagos Islands.


Cruise aboard this boutique expedition cruise ship for the ultimate Galapagos experience.

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Technical Specification

  • Gross tonnage: 2890 t.
  • Length: 301 ft (92 m)
  • Wide: 47 ft (15 m)
  • Decks: 4
  • Made in: Germany
  • Rebuilt: 2002
  • Remodeled in: January 2017
  • Speed: 17 knots
  • Cruise speed: 15 knots
  • Life Rafts: 22 for 25 pax each
  • Dinghies: 6 for 20 pax each
  • Glass bottom boat: 1
  • Kayaks: 4 double, 1 single
  • Safety: ISM, SMC, ISSC, IOPP, DOC
  • Electricity: 110v
  • Guest Capacity: 100
  • Crew: 60
  • Guides: 6 multilingual naturalists

Security Information

All our cruise ships operate in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization guidelines. GO Galapagos complies with the International Safety Management Code which aims to guarantee the marine safety and protect the environment. Also, we operate under the National Legislation to preserve the Galapagos Islands.

The ship’s crew before boarding is required to show their certifications upon entrance on the Galapagos National Park. Such certification entails several emergency drill exercises and scenarios for emergency situations, including the evacuation of a ship. All of our cruise ships have lifeboats, life rafts and preserves for each person on the boat, as well as for additional capacity.

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