GO Quito Hotel | A new sustainable five-star hotel in Ecuador

Go Quito Hotel

A new sustainable five-star hotel with a spectacular view of the city of Quito and a design inspired by the Andes.
The city of Quito is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, known for its stunning urban and natural landscapes that blend history and modernity. Among the sites that offer breathtaking panoramic views of these landscapes, the new GO Quito Hotel stands out. Situated in a bustling neighborhood, the hotel is strategically located near a range of essential services, including supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, and banks, making it an ideal choice for travelers and explorers seeking comfort and convenience. The hotel’s interior and architectural design are inspired by the natural beauty of the Andean landscapes and the cultural richness of the region. It incorporates local art, colors, and textures to offer visitors an immersive experience that highlights the beauty of Ecuador.

Rooms​ & Suites​​

Go Quito Hotel’s rooms offer spacious, peaceful, and welcoming environments for visitors to make the most of their time in Quito

Designed with a focus on technology, environmental consciousness and comfort, the rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technological features such as automation for temperature, lighting and communications control.

With ample space ranging from 420 to 1539 square feet (142.98 m²), the rooms have large windows that allow the vibrant city lights and scenic views to enter, providing an unmatched way to appreciate the colorful beauty of Quito and the majestic mountains surrounding it.

Meetings & Events

Events space in GO Quito Hotel

GO Quito Hotel understands the importance of celebrating milestones in life. That’s why the spaces for events and meetings were developed, prioritizing people’s needs and aspirations.

Go Quito Hotel boasts a wide range of amenities and facilities catering to events and meetings. The spacious open floor space of 7880 square feet (732.08 m²) has a ceiling height of 16.5 feet (5.03 m), which makes it an ideal venue for conferences and events. The event spaces were designed to create a versatile and welcoming environment that can easily adapt to the nature of any event and its audience.

Additionally, the movable walls of the hall can be reconfigured to form five separate rooms, suitable for both corporate and social events.

The hotel also features areas for relaxation, gardens, networking hubs, ambient lounges, and inviting coffee nooks, all aimed at meeting the diverse needs of guests and event participants.

Delicious Cuisine

Because the key to a perfect travel experience is positive stimuli for all senses, one of the main attractions for explorers and tourists in Latin America is its culinary culture. At GO Quito Hotel, the sense of taste is catered to by three specialty restaurants: Panecillo rooftop, Parallel lobby bar, and Alegra cafeteria.

GO Quito Hotel provides guests with an exceptional culinary experience, where every dining venue has a unique story to tell. Parallel lobby bar has an intricate design that captures the essence of Andean volcanoes, featuring details made of wood, leather, and mycelium. It offers regionally inspired beverage menus crafted using the finest seasonal ingredients. 

Located on the 17th floor, Panecillo restaurant offers the best view in town and presents a gastronomic fusion experience where Ecuador’s culinary heritage meets Mediterranean charm. Alegra cafeteria is a family-friendly place where guests and neighbors can enjoy local delicacies, sweets, pastries, and more, next to an endemic flower garden.

Enjoy the Hotel's Services

Pool of the GO Hotel Quito

It is important for people who prioritize a healthy lifestyle to maintain their daily care routines even while traveling.

GO Quito Hotel offers a range of products and services to complement a health and well-being experience, such as spa, swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, gym, and fitness area.

Additionally, it offers massages, water rituals, facials, wraps, and scrubs that are based on the traditional art of aromatherapy.

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