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Sample day in your Galapagos cruise:

Wake up into new landscapes and be ready to see animals that you have only seen in books, dive or snorkel in the pristine ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean. Starting a new day in the Galapagos is living a day of adventure and unforgettable experiences.

07h00: Breakfast

08h00: Visit the Island. Hiking, snorkeling, etc.

11h00: Back to the ship

12h00: Lunch

14h30: Special activity; leisure time, lecture or deep-water snorkeling.

16h00: Visit the Island. Hiking, dinghy ride, kayaking, etc.

18h00: Back on board

18h20: Ice cream festival or scheduled activities on board.

19h00: Dinner

20h30: Lecture

21h00: Karaoke, Neptune Party, Stargazing or scheduled night entertainment.

* Scheduled hours and activities may vary
n variar.