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Ride through colorful Andean valleys.

Explore Otavalo’s vibrant craft market.

Visit Peguche and Cotacachi for local crafts.

Colorful Valleys and Crafty Treasures

Discover the colorful valleys of Guayllabamba and Cayambe, and explore Otavalo’s famed craft market. Immerse yourself in local culture, negotiating for beautiful woven goods. Visit the nearby towns Peguche and Cotacachi to see traditional crafts and leatherwork. A vibrant and enriching adventure awaits!

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Quito – Otavalo - Cotacachi


Departing from Quito to the north, for about 2 hours, we will ride across the colorful valleys of Guayllabamba and Cayambe. The ride unfolds in the stunning Andean landscape, providing excellent opportunities for capturing memorable pictures. As we traverse the enchanting countryside, our destination is the Imbabura province.

Once there, we’ll explore the renowned Otavalo craft market, celebrated as the most famous and picturesque in South America. This market is an opportunity for visitors to engage with locals on a more personal level, while buying their diverse hand-made products such as woven goods, bags, hats, and flutes or simply admiring the craftsmanship and generosity of the local people. 


The tour also offer various options for exploring nearby towns, such as Peguche, where you can witness traditional looms and an Andean wind instruments workshop. Another option is Cotacachi, known for its leatherwork, including bags, jackets, hats, belts, and more. Climbing up from Cotocacahi we will have the opportunity to visit part of a Natural Reserve. We can visit Cuicocha Lagoon, which is one of the highlights on this tour.

Music group - Otavalo
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What to take on the trip


  • Passport and Travel Documents
  • Cash in US Dollars and bring credit or debit cards
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera
  • Binoculars for Birdwatching
  • Snacks and Light Meals
    Otavalo - men with horse - landscape
    Otavalo landscape - wildlife

         What to Wear?

    • Comfortable Walking Shoes
    • Lightweight, Breathable Clothing
    • Hat and Sunglasses
    • Layered Clothing for Temperature Changes
    • Rain Jacket or Poncho
    • Comfortable Backpack for Purchases

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    grupo quito otavalo

    Otavalo Indigenous Market

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