Social and Environmental Responsibility | Go Galapagos

Social and Environmental Responsibility


The GO Galapagos crew works each and every day very hard to protect this wonderful destination that is called Galapagos. As such, we have conservation certificates and comply with all national and international regulations. For all of us in GO Galapagos it is very important to be environmentally and socially responsible. On board of our cruise ships we have desalination plants to produce water directly from the ocean. In addition, we have ultraviolet purification  systems, found in the restaurant, bar and kitchen, which allow us to provide clean drinkable water. By doing this, we are able to reduce the amount of bottled water that is consumed on board. The production of fresh water reduces the environmental impact of our journey and allows us to take advantage of the vast natural resources around us.

Additionally, to reduce water consumption, it is advisable to take short showers. If you wish your towels to be changed, please leave them on the floor of your shower. GO GALAPAGOS – ABOUT US To reduce the amount of waste we generate, we have thought carefully in all the products we use, always thinking how we can decrease unnecessary waste. That is why we chose to use dispensers for soap, shampoo and conditioner, instead of small plastic bottles. Likewise, we encourage you to use during the cruise the complimentary thermos that is in your cabin. You can fill them up at various points on board, and are more than welcome to continue using them when you get back to your home.

Please help us separate waste to recycle. On board you will find containers for organic waste, plastic, paper and cardboard disposal, and one especially for your batteries which you can be found at  the Reception. This will allow us to recycle waste in order to preserve the ecological treasure that is the Galapagos Archipelago.


GO Galapagos is committed to social projects in Ecuador. We try to create social awareness by buying products that are fair trade and environmental friendly. GO Galapagos works with different groups of indigenous women from which local handicrafts and small Ecuadorian crafts are purchased. We encourage guests to visit our communities to generate local development, through, the powerful tool that tourism is. Go Galapagos has developed and supported a very important project of communitarian tourism called Karanki Magdalena.

Karanki Magdalena belongs to the Indigenous Community of Magdalena, located north of Quito, at the feet of the Imbabura Volcano. We work with these families to strengthen their capacities in hospitality, tourism, cooking, health, and accounting. This social program promotes cross-cultural experiences with travelers from around the world. Guests are encouraged to be part of the local everyday activities. Also, you can take advantage of the outdoor excursions or stay overnight in family homes. This project helps mitigate the rural area issues such as: unemployment, immigration, and low and unsteady income from agriculture.