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The Coral Yachts Experience

Go Galapagos snorkelingThe Coral Yachts offer a cozy cruising experience, with only 36-20 guest only, the trip ambiance is of a private yacht style. The onboard and inland activities are great opportunities to bond with fellow travelers, the crew and to share the experiences throughout the trip.

The first day on board, our crewmembers will organize a welcome cocktail to celebrate the start of the journey in the Galapagos Islands. Once guests have settled, the adventure begins with two daily visits to the islands. Visiting the islands is a great opportunity to get to know more about this unique destination, animals that have adapted to live on volcanic grounds and crystal clear beaches and are friendly to humans. Picture-perfect sceneries which are home to the overflowing nature of every island.

While hiking through the islands, our naturalistic guides will help to unravel the secrets of every visitor site by sharing scientifically, botanical, geographical, and human history stories and facts related to the islands. Our guides are Spanish and English speaking experts in the field, they have gone through extensive training to achieve the certification of the Galapagos National Park and the Go Galapagos knowledgeable and practical training in our guides program. Guides speaking other languages are also available under previous request. They will be able to answer any doubts in the

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excursions and come along in other optional activities such as dinghy rides, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and diving. There is always the option to relax by the shore and enjoy the magnificent Pacific sun too.

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Enjoying the free time aboard, guests can play classic table games,

always available on request at the front desk or relax in the open areas of the yachts to enjoy the surroundings and the sun. On a day by the sunset, our chef will surprise guests with a BBQ on the Moon Deck. Enjoying the Galapagos experience at its best, there will be options of great selected cuts and vegetables having the sunset and the sea as the main settings. The cuisine in the yachts follows high standards on local and international dishes to be savored by every palate. Breakfasts and lunches are in buffet-style, while dinner is a-la-carte options. Snacks and beverages will also be offered in the return of every excursion; the most popular is our Ice Cream festival; a refreshing choice with a selection of toppings.


During the evening, guests will have time to relax or join us in our movie nights and popcorn or to listen to stories about how pirates and whalers used the stars to sail to the far corners of the seven seas in our stargazing activity. By the end of the cruise time, our crew will organize a farewell cocktail to wish our guests a safe flight back home. For a lengthy experience, there is the option to extend the cruise time by combining two or more of our itineraries. We can customize your journey from 3, 4, 7, 10 and up to 14 nights so you can cover more islands in the archipelago for a more complete experience in the Galapagos.