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Sandy coral beach with a great viewpoint of the bay. From within the flooded caldera of Tower Island, we set foot onto a sandy beach to be greeted by swallow-tailed gulls often said to be the most beautiful gull in the world. Our short, flat, trail leads us past stands of mangroves and saltbush on which we have our best possible look at nesting red-footed boobies and great frigatebirds. At the tidal lagoon, we may also see the rarest gulls in the world, our very own, endemic lava gulls.

  • Type of Terrain: Sandy
  • Physical Conditions Required: Low
  • Activities: 45 min kayaking / 25 min glass-bottom boat / 1-hour deep or beach snorkeling / 1 hour 15 min hike
  • Highlights: Swallow-tailed and lava gulls, frigatebirds (minor & magnificent), mockingbirds, yellow-crowned night herons, large beaked cactus finch, the smallest marine iguanas of the islands.

Suggested Items:

  • camara
  • lentes
  • short
  • snorkel
  • sombrero
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