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Find various species of flora and fauna and the endemic land iguana.

To the northwest of Santa Cruz Island, there is Dragon Hill, where you will find various species of flora and fauna. Behind the beach, you shall enjoy the pond that is often home to flamingos. Along the trail, you can see a variety of reptiles, especially land iguanas, which look like dragons because of their claws and spiky crests. Young iguanas are easily preyed upon predatory birds and snakes; otherwise, they can live up to 60 years of age.

You will see extensive vegetation such as a forest of holy stick trees (burseras), whose appearance changes depending on the season. The forest is home to a variety of birds, such as mockingbirds, Darwin finches, yellow warblers and Galapagos doves.

  • Type of Terrain: Rocky
  • Physical Conditions Required: Medium
  • Activities: 2-hour hike / 1-hour beach snorkeling
  • Highlights: The trail that leads up to Dragon Hill offers a beautiful view of the bay which is a site for a number of reintroduced land iguanas, find Darwin finches and mockingbirds. There is also a beautiful view of the Palo Santo “holy stick tree” forest.

Suggested Items:

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  • botas
  • botella
  • camara
  • lentes
  • repelente
  • short
  • snorkel
  • sombrero
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