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El Barranco, Prince Phillips’s Steps

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A paradise for bird lovers, about 200,00 Red-footed boobies in their nesting site.

Prince Philip´s Steps are named after a visit by the British Monarch in 1964. The 81-foot stairway leads to a narrow stretch of land that opens out onto the plateau surrounding Darwin Bay, that extends forming the north side of the island.

Riding our dinghy to the far side of the caldera, red-billed tropicbirds display vociferously overhead while Galapagos fur seals can be seen on the shoreline. Once at the top of the rocky stairway we are immediately met by Nazca boobies, red-footed boobies, mockingbirds, and finches that line our way through a palo santo forest until we arrive at an expansive open lava field. Wedge-rumped storm petrels swarm above the lava where we keep our eyes peeled for short-eared owls.

  • Type of Terrain: Rocky
  • Physical Conditions Required: Medium
  • Activities: [2-hour hike / 45-min dinghy ride[:es]2 horas de caminata / 45 min paseo en panga
  • Highlights: Petrified lava field, nesting tropicbirds, lava heron, swallow-tailed gull, Galapagos petrel, red-footed boobies, short-eared owl, Nazca boobies, Warbler Finch, Large ground finch, Large cactus ground finch, vampire finch.

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