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Interpretation Center & Tijeretas Hill

Interpretation Center & Tijeretas Hill  Gallery

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The Interpretation Center is an excellent place to learn about Natural History in the Galapagos and to learn about the San Cristobal History too. The Museum of Natural History displays information on the volcanic origins of the islands, their remoteness from the continent, ocean currents, climate, the arrival of the different species and their colonization, among other points of interest. Human history is also showcased, chronologically narrated by the most significant events related to the discovery and colonization of the islands.

Tijeretas Hill: It is called Tijeretas because this is the name commonly known for the frigates birds, it involves a high-intensity walk amidst beautiful landscapes and a magnificent view at the foot of a frigatebird nesting colony.

  • Type of Terrain: Wooden Trail
  • Physical Conditions Required: Low
  • Activities: 1-hour hike
  • Highlights: Interpretation Center: Learn about the history of the islands, spot the San Cristobal mockingbird. Tijeretas Hill: It is one of the few places where you can watch the two species of frigate birds nesting in the same colony.

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