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Also known as Jervis Island in English, Rabida is one of the most diverse in terms of volcanic activity as it lies at the very heart of the archipelago’s volcanic origin.

It is an island comprised of lava poured out of scoria cones, which are very rich in iron oxide and magnesium (typical of Galapagos basaltic lava); that when exposed and as it rusts, gives the island its astounding, unearthly reddish color.

Rabida in itself has an abundance of landscapes and marine life. The trail for visiting the site is somewhat short, requiring about 45 minutes of walking. We can also go around the shoreline in a dinghy to spot fur seals, pelicans, blue-footed boobies and Nazca boobies.

Excellent place for swimming and snorkeling, you could see white tipped sharks, rays and sea lions, and other different species.

  • Type of Terrain: Sandy
  • Physical Conditions Required: Low
  • Activities: 1 hour 30 min hike / 1 hour snorkeling / 1 hour dinghy ride
  • Highlights: In this deep red beach, surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes of volcanic cinder cones, we will find a noisy colony of sea lions. The island is a birdwatcher’s delight.

Suggested Items:

  • baston
  • bloqueador
  • botas
  • camara
  • lentes
  • snorkel
  • sombrero
  • traje
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