What is the check-in procedure at Quito or Guayaquil’s airport? | Go Galapagos

What is the check-in procedure at Quito or Guayaquil’s airport?

For passengers cruising on a Go Galapagos fleet, a complimentary round-trip shuttle will be provided to/from the airport of Quito or Guayaquil (only with Go Galapagos scheduled flights). If any other ticket to/from Galapagos is used, an operational, non-refundable fee of US$90 net per person must be charged to provide the shuttle and assistance. Go Galapagos is not responsible if passengers miss the cruise or other services due to independent arrangement delays. If you have a private transfer service included, the day before departure, a member of our Operations Department will get in touch, to reconfirm your pick-up time at your hotel or the meeting time at the AVIANCA counter with one of our staff members. Check-in time is 2 hours before departure. If you come by yourself or with a guide, the first thing you must do as soon as you arrive at the airport is go through the luggage control with SICGAL, located 49 ft (15 m) from the main gate, at the National Terminal of Domestic Departures. For environmental reasons, your luggage will be checked for animals, seeds, plants, fruits, vegetables and any other item forbidden to take into the Galapagos Islands. After, go to the counter of AVIANCA, where there will be a Go Galapagos Ecuador representative with your boarding pass, air tickets, taxes and all your travel documents; this representative will also help you check your luggage with the airline. You will be given an identification tag for the cruise. Please wear it so you can be easily identified when you arrive at the airport in Galapagos. Please do NOT get in line for the Galapagos Government Council-Transit Control Card; Go Galapagos Ecuador has your card already.