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Darwin’s natural monument broke into two… pillars

After Charles Darwin made the Galapagos Islands world famous (with his studies of the theory of evolution and natural...

Did the Galapagos Islands always belong to the same country?

When the enchanted islands were discovered in 1535 by Fray Tomás de Berlanga...

Wellness: Your good habits shouldn’t stop at the holidays.

Your Galapagos Legend expedition can also be an exploration and connection with yourself.

Galapagos won’t leave your mind

“I went to the Galapagos Legend 8 years ago and I haven’t forgotten anything about that expedition”. My trip to Galapagos, the one that I thought I’d taken no more than a couple of years ago, turns out it actually happened 8 years ago. The experiences of that expedition are so clear to me that […]

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