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What Makes the Galapagos Islands SO GREAT. 4 Reasons

The Galapagos Islands have long held a fascination for travelers around the world. There's something mysterious and unique about the destination. Between the creatures, history and natural features—there are numerous reasons the Galapagos Islands are so great.

Planning a Trip to the Galapagos? 6 Helpful Travel Tips

Each destination around the world comes with its own set of issues. Seasoned travelers understand that travel planning is an essential part of the process—in other words, you don’t simply pick a destination and go. It’s important to understand language, customs, transportation, health care, and more. While looking at the ins and outs of travel, it can feel overwhelming, but in reality, people deal with those same issues every day in their own community. The only difference is that the issues in your community are familiar. Travel is an amazing way to grow, change and experience the world, and by understanding your destinations, you can create the trip of a lifetime.

Have You Ever Wanted to Walk in Darwin’s Footsteps?

If you hear the name Charles Darwin, most people immediately think, “theory of evolution” or about On the Origin of Species. The next thing that often comes to mind is the Galapagos Islands, the richly bio-diverse locale that became Darwin’s living, breathing laboratory.